For Forty years and 31 days,
My name was changed in many ways.

I have no beginning.
That part is true.
Real age a mystery,
my birth date too...

They picked this time
From out of the sky...
Four, all of my years,
I've wondered why.

I have no beginning,
That part is True.
My Jade was lost,
when I was two...

My first memory...
Never shared with you.

A dream now, in text I write,
Number to letter creates a light.
Letter as number returns my sight.

First was a cord...
It carried on far.
Ford is the name and
Long is the car.

Scrambled it was in bits and parts
But memory lives within my heart.
Nine days remain...
and I know my name.

Dragon came to reclaim the mind.
~A stitch in Time, saves nine~

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