an arc angles

Ophi... oh phi, oh me! oh my...
27 x 27 / 45 = 16.2

"it's golden"

in the Act

a green comet
fast across the sky
disolved in light
33 miles high

above my head…

a day before
a day that’s for
a birth of twins
in an aquifer

it isn’t queer…

it’s just a star
a day before
a Knight is due
in a dawn of words

" what flavors it…"
is a clone of bards
as Psyche fights
off Cupid’s dart

yet Earth is born
as blood is drawn
on a bed of tales

" caught up "

in the act of Creation


God's Best Heaven

Is there really a pattern
or is it in my head
" the numbers matter "
an immortal said

Tomorrow is Seven...