the dad or....the ds O d

devil on display
pull her out
push her away
deliver a soul
that's gone a rye
who wants to know
what's in her eyes
where shes been
what's in her lies
who wants to know
why she won't die
so god said go
go get her guise
bring her here
to speak her cries
and let me see
who writes her life
and let me hear
her judgement fly
poke her ribs
and stroke her hair
break her spirit
to see her care
and dare her fire
to attempt a stare

a devil on display
is everywhere
but the one
I question

one 'there'
...........god said

"looks up looks up"
hi dad
I know.............
i'm not quite dead

"... and I know
I'm Just 
on a loan...."



i watch and the birds chirping
i breathe in a mist awakening
quiet in the new of a morning
typing in the voice i'm hearing
lasting is a quiet endearing
first are the words i'm writing
there is a line for the horizon
here is a sight to remember



a stone to the sea
ripples move out
through space
and time in the air
they gather and
organize there
in frequency
it's the urgent matter
frequently current
in the thoughts
that scatter

and it happens
that they come together

silver is a mystery
guiding slowly a
weather in skies
that can't be seen
current is a swirl
felt in a dream
so listen
for the

feel the way by
the beat of bones
heal the day
before you move on
and find
you are Self
dancing in song

this time
"there is
nothing wrong"

so choose a board
and come along........
shed a skin and
stop asking


"we are the gift..."

so just be

Nature has a balance
called Self Preservation

and while things sway
we always

"a peaceful no winner"
means we all do

"windmills on"


park tower

"... Giorgio ..."
to row we go

no roma to know
what's close
no compass to show
whats known

a spinner sprung
a spring
a summer rung
a chime
a dinner said
the scent of a
good mountain
is a rhyme


a coupla kabalah
atomSways a soup

"handmade" sign
points to a road
"there where...."
etchings are a stone
dragons named
in the name of
a turn of curves
a crown of thorns
a date of dots
and a star of sorts

"nice weheals"
thunderous firebird
swerves a cloud
to curl a wave
the "wow" is a wish
rubbing for the polish
on a flint of cache....
english on a twist
and whilst we watch
flicks in a wrist
do a just paint
on the color of
a passion
laughs first

1 55

2 20




“the pumps are working
the machine is speaking…”

next in
the cloud



said to lay the lines
folding over
and over a sign
gilded on a cross
a moss divine
choice in voice
not amiss in

guise wired

“yes i know and a great sculptor at that”

oscar admires
a hot dog
and the Myna
is a finer
type of bird

refinds the fine
on a duffle bag
shuffles the line

ruffles… darling?

wags for wagers
stem centers
a cage

“bet me”
but don’t get me upSet ;)
I’m a light heart in soul….


so sirius

he came to approach
curious game in the name
of a 'grocery' ...?
"produce" he said
the bars code
a memory

"shakes to rattle a roll...."
"wigs a jig"

and a digit
"digs it"
yeah? lol

"wax on max fun d;"

see spot sit


hola gen!us

beetles bug a
volts wagon
wagers on
a maker
back when
in a day
"... she loves her pets ..."
"... and I bet you
1 dollar I can
make you hala val..."

see hal
it _is_ you

"... sees the light ..."

new news


hey guise....
hardy boys...

"what time is it"

3 2 1... smiles!

"... do you know where you are? ..."
YES... I do.

I'm over here :)
lookin' at you

was that a ...... curve ball?
" belle amor e "

"circle turns to clover"
square ;)

looks up looks up

if you're pee
then i'm wee
"... Herman ..."
hear yet?
hops on...

have a beer dear :)

9:16 by the della
9:14 by the cello...
1830 ?
1230 on the stella :)

and that's a full 360 Mr. Anderson...

and thats new news and who knew what a she might know


tickle a pickle
and coil a rod
quick as a fiddle
a cat says ‘nod’

got his dick
in the crack
of an arse
and of course
that choice
was for not
but it gave her
a voice he forgot

" vulcans
glance a lot "

I dance a lot too
and you’re near…….

rings the fire

circles a cube
plate clears
a tube
and you
sway in the sun

" I’ll grill for you "
your a grill IN me
" and you grate "
my mind willingly
" too kind "
to be crude
and too rude
to be blind
so nude is the one
not bland in the brains

" says well
come on then
to the games "

heals a toe and
grouts a doubt

see oil said a sea man

twenty in hours
for the power
of sea
twenty four dollar
for the tower
in me
plenty of collar
for the worker
in bee
so saddle her
was a rattle in we
“… I always win… "
he stood there saying
“… I AM I Win …”
he repeats while swaying
bring a card
to the desk
she says
while smiling

I can add it
to the rest
do you need
help dialing?

and into a
it went.


forgotten eye
knots the sky
dots the dark
walking parks
sparking sparks

not really a gash
on a long eyes lash
but rather a gather
of a musical laughter

“… if you please…”
she did say ‘cheese’

stitched together
" at the brow "

LOL!!! ... and the funny bone knows how


angels and angles

angels and angles
there on the wall
angels and angles
do hear me call
don’t anger them
“you. wouldn’t want
to see them”

if you do…..

this one’s albert
and the other one
isn’t telling you
;) strange how it happens
e.vents in our lives
this one
is a kilted bee
that one
…………a trunk
and a gilded key

the makers mark
is a johnny

who's sinus

who’s in us
isn’t a question
but rather a mention
in the isle of skye
“… sleep lies…”
into the night
a bara tones
dare a bones
into sight
is a “catch up”
not a makeup
of ‘amends’
a parish delights
shredding the rights
to my eyes
“oh look honey
we’re friends”



“… come here kitten…”

she came to collect
tell charish and protect
what really matters

“… close the door…”
it’s not a cigar
opens more
“… he has a guitar…”
said once before
“… the doc…..
you meant to write”

and it was chance this time
that became a way
within my rhyme

“… oh ma,
you called me a poodle…”

a pair annoyed?

are you….
a pair annoyed?

I can read a void…….
and it doesn’t
really want
to be a scene
just thinking to self

“… what the hecks with green?…”

hornets chase to erase
what they think
can be seen
mean while…
I set and wander a spell
ponder the heavens to hell
as I shake my head
thinking again
to myself…
it was just one time
I could come to rhyme
and everyone just
plans to be dead?

craps for a deal
it wasn’t whats real
so I looked over
my notes again
all the way back
before time began
and double checked


it is quite right
wasn’t written to fight
a peace within light

(…. some things were
in for ‘drama’…)

fixes typo

“… now where was I…”
write…we are about
“… the nothing
was an unjust
no thing, after all…”



"... volts tare my ares..."


cuter ‘puter
knot a cutlers butler
and a jeweler said
“oh look
it’s a gardener"

hey I thought I Quit!……………………

“… you can never quit
being who you are…”

looks up looks up
left left to write right
“…whoah echo…”
said the pixel

“… wtf?
they called me a pickle?…”


shreds a shroud
bolts a cloud
right into space

"hows that
for pace"

I want to play
naked on skin
I want to sway
dancing in rain
kiss your mouth
without stopping

"alters we"
it's a fault he wants
for me to be

guessing says
there's a plate to see

down a hall silently
"you son of a bitch"
you're testing me

from then

til today

"... you lookin' at me?..."

is this your window?


"... how old are you ..."

"... it's been 10 years..."


from today

until then.

19th whole

"... the high five, counts ..."

EEcome inns

sincerely clear
makes a beat
come near
but knots
alot at
the end
so when
does time
start over
and again
they asked
and so just then
i began
an again
all over again....
but they said
it was up here
i said up where
two a row?
but so
as to show
two are a stitch
not a bit too slow
she squeezed
on the bees
honey dew
"... fly to water..."
is this

".... she's aliiiiive...."


softs tough

"... how are you..."

just another of those days
got kicked in the teeth
haven't seen but haze

and this one hurt
tore out my heart
never fitting in
soles falling apart
it's always only me
and i don't even care
but for my family

he isn't looking at me..."

it's the same
as it ever was or will be
there's nothing but illusion
to live in this tree

"... I owe you a maple..."

"... it's time to go...."

I hugged him gently
touched light to his cheek
I cried to myself

but I didn't feel weak
"... life isn't fair ..."
and I know this speak

i packed my things
invisible stings
so no more names
and with no strings
two cats one case
and a pair of shoes
their skins


don't run

it's a sentence to
read in this way
and it is sentient
who is finely
a layer ;)

who's there?
oh, it's me.
"... I'm a where...?"


I thought you said path...

path to the bath?
how's about a compromise
wise guy

"... she must be talking to her dog..."

muddy fox whole?

mom's come to collect the smog
dad's been lost in the fog
but a decade she stayed
to learn what's hard

"...don't lose a spade..."

hearts larger
than a card been played

bons whats?


“… hows your constitution…”

no ass ever cracked
over these blue genes…

bons not
but a fire
on a beach
atop desire

“… peaks…”

what a cherry



"..... take us out helmsman....."

steady as a go board
was a gord of a lord
dressed for less

"... in range yet...?"
not yet
yet to fly us in
".... she'll fly apart!...."

fly her apart then........

Q. "what time is it?"

Our Sulu.

ring for the butler...

alone was just
along the way
while maybe
back in the day
it was taught
that a She
must not
be what
she thought
she might be
or could turn out
to be….. but
it is of today
that a she
and a he
can just be
however it is
we please….
so it was to be
that a they
came together
on a lovely day
and smiled

“… what’s with all the feathers?…”

what feathers?
I’m bald.

“… beer with that?…”


since it sent
a scent of sense
in sensibility
a reality
in bits
of her in.sane IT

"... he IS comin' ..."
oh shit!

it seemed
a matter of time
before a door
would become
a rhyme

"... who's bread...?"

she's not really dead
but a bit red
in her reason
seasons green

"... so he left his things ..."

clubs a bit boring
without an outpouring
don't you think?

smoke in rafters
laughters chore
extra on the pickles
"... and tomatoes?..."
no more

was a primer
of a mental

"... I'll come find her ..."
remembered he said


" steady adjustment "
a red line
in the grey

“… he pitched …”

she yawed

“… rolls to shadow …”

I got you. ;)


ships a shape

trims a time

cups a leak

saves a dime

“are you listening…”

ties a shoe

caps an ass

picks a knows

washes cache…

“ignition sequence…”

to hold a truth

to cross a tee

she dots an eye

“you can’t catch mee….”

shuffle a card

pickle a shoe

truffles are a good

“…I’m coming for you…”


taps a toe….

ah heck
it’s me who wants to go…
stay there...
I’ll be along


“…artists never die…”
because a trist
is always tried
before our love
is tossed aside
“… let’s remember
who we are…”


if you watch them burst
you see how they fly
so there's nothing to lose


where was I...


“… I will never ask again, if I died…”

process of elimination… brain waves of disruption…

“… I am no longer a gardener …”

surrender the space….

squares yours.


and in the true spirit of ‘god’…

“… my father just killed me…”

dear daughter
so how does your garden grow….

“… father forgive me…”
it’s for real I must know
“… it was only a show…”

b link
b l ink….

the time is too slow
“… it’s all I could do!….”

dad… what is it?

“…. I’m disappointed in you… "


no lines
no self between the cries
piercing daggers falling
falling apart
“what timing timing”
stopped her beating heart

“whats there
dead in a row”

used to be
where my
garden grew


are you breathing?
if I do
a whole will open
exposing true….

the monitor...

"... oh look honey, she IS up..."

counts down...

the count is down
the sound is hot
steaming boils
a calm to knots
temper rises
spine on fire
piercing eyes

“… refine
dear Shire…”

best to breathe
be a push to the light
“slide to the left”
recall to the right….

“…. Time’s Up….”
we’re fresh in

….looks up, looks up….
“who’s flighty?”
the time is



and the singing rings
a bell so able said well
and the tell became a how

"... I don't leap
for the money..."

couldn't sleep
without you now...
a knowing deep
so close an'near
geometries chance
to really be a where

"...knot a man of faces
in a mask of one..."

toasting a glass
a dance called there
and plucking strings
are magical things
we can share

so ho

"... well i am said tell..."
ah hell
he said hello
"... echos echo..."

so fresh
this prince
and the price
of this write
is nice

"... we won't be starving..."

it's a patty daddy
and a craw dish abby
so who knows who's
got your tongue?

"this who's the one"


"... a scratch in time..."

might it save
and will it save
my mind...

looking ahead
and so behind
looping a thread
so hears "you're fine"

"... psyche dialectable..."

it is pretty special
E S Pe n's a ball!
especially special

"... what?

delectable this
deliciously bliss
directly erect dialect

the bull is bushed
the bush unbrushed
there wasn't a tush
or a dish unwashed

"... I got... yo babe..."


"... oh!
so there's me..."

"... and this time
we're fresh..."

"healing shields..."



doubles down

and of the heart
while they play games
it watches all the same
save for this flame
while it cries…
but the realize
is that the saving
doesn’t need to be done
he came and she came
and they became
to be their one

“… it does take…”
a real man time
to be of the body
and to be of my mind

yet what of a distance
the resistance felt
that it did fall on…
“… Mr. Talons …”
you say?

“…don’t trip over that…”

“over ... what?”

oh… you did get my faucet built…


the tribe is tired
the hides are dry
it’s time to pick
a name
for the scribe

upon a skin
is written in dye
above the neck
her inscriptions eye
a reminder
to thyself be true
a beginning
of the Me that’s You

“… write for me…”
he whispered
“… be a sight for me…”
in the rift of her lips

lingering long in song
and upon a mind….
too kind
to be wrong
a blind man
“… and when he came along…”

before in one eye
and before I could see…
as he spoke
about the pain
around the glory

it became her cry
the gentle in nature
“… and it was written
that I died…”

and for a while
she could only
… listen

not to miss a word
and not just a cord
of this living bard
and not just for
a moment either
neither would she

let go of this
so very

“… fading…”
into the tapestry
there rode a man
who was fantasy

and I waved
for what he became
is the Us … in my reality

the nextUs?

dear ;parchment...
what about the tapestry?
and of the dapper deary...

"...a change of cloth..."

enrich me meant
not to wean a man
from a cent of sense
or a scented pen
he writes
to delight you when
you're just a bit...

"... oh probably..."


"... you can not
tell the staff it has bad hair...
ever....at least be nice."

he was busted
being him again
but quite alright
as agreed just then
just happens
to be
in need
of a magician...

"abracadbra…… rabbits wearing hats
being john malkovitch ….the seven year itch
the seventh seal,.jumps thro hoops and does a cart wheel
here`is is now and now is here"

saddle up a seal
was a jump for real
hoops and wheels
for the man of steal
and through a brain
they came again
the itch of malovitch
was just
a loose screw… ;)


this is

no one understands about me...
(insert puzzled cartoon here)

"... the door is a jar..."

you can pick your friends
you can pick your names
you can pick your knows...
but you can't pick your family.... uh....
"... at least not after you're already here, that takes some forethought..."
make a note.

hows your skin?

she said

here... are you cold?

"I'm addicted"
to love? probably.

"dope" as they say ;)

what what?



and regarding fire...

Ididn’t steal it
they gave it to me.
live or…. what?

I’d say we could flip the game board sideways but that might be ‘hard’ on waterfront property… so we’ll continue from 10 key to touch tones…. it’s the only way.
I like the beaches we have….

yeah they could be cleaner but Mars doesn't look like it's got palm trees…

“so who's mad?”

we get to keep pluto
you dont have to read sports or eat tomato
and we get a beach?!
it’s a good deal.

the faucet

“… can you build a house…. around this?”

yes sir I can as a matter of fact
a good gardener
carries her own spade

and a good sailer
navigational aid

“…. testing… war of the roses….”
it stayed where it laid

“…. testing …. bombshells away….”
had nothing to say

“…. testing…. WOMAN! I said lets play!…”
two and once more
an extended stay….

“… is the enter.prize right?…”
while I smile
and change your flight…

snickers bar...

he stood in the doorway
of a pyramid shaped glass
eating the turkeys club
that i made for him…
“… when I get back….”
yeah yeah,
save it for when you get back.

“… can you change that date for me?…”


“want one of these?”

…. when you returns fine….

to the sea...


sorry lady
i dont cut the blooms
i like them natural
i like them as they are

dad said
cut’em and weep
we’re not ‘greedy’
like that

cut to force more
he said

and i thought…

we are of the nature
so I never did

give them space
there are some
granny smith apples
too bitter to enjoy

steps they said
… ah heck
who knows
just rambling…
it felt like a motion sickness

being around too many people
all at once and their emotions
odd s and evens are too

gives us a ring…

eyes eyes eyes

“…no sporting…”
“…no tomato…”
no wrinkles

starboard sir…
“I dont blink”

but I’ll have a glass for sure…

did you say
foam on that


"....her brain is a storm of activity"

I know

"she might be half crazy"


"she probably monkeys around too much"


"does she sleep?"

I don't think so

"must she walk in a circle all the time"

Only on the phone

"she'll eat a snickers then?"

in one bite

"got a two dollar bill....?"

........extended stay.......... I mean play.............


hubba bubba?

sea foam muscles beers
dont forget me

"I didnt"





"it's you"

what's A.

Q. that's not a question...


sokay joker...

"... you can be Penquin..."

am i tall enough?

pressed a digit?

dear magician….
was a bit slim
on the driver

fly write
to the river…
“pick a dollar”
he said

and I wondered
who he was….
until we laughed.

all most late

“…try a byte….”
try a tryst…
trying words

“… oh, i thought you said twisted…”

“mmy bad” lol!


service returned

"... and what was given?...."

two sticks
but not two stones
merry spirits
who weren't alone
made to return
and a trust
he didn't have to earn...

"you are
my friend"

I am.

robs a church

a mystery parish
bearish in temper
dared to stare

and at me...

so when he did
just because
he could, see
he saw....

a not afraid
to be and so
to just be
is exactly
what we did

"... whats my name...?"


".... i feel defeated...."
he said;

"you are..."
she replied.

"... gimme a minos...."

four not enough? ;)




Q. wellcomes

".......sAy it!.........."

"... makes me wet..."


manou knew
minos was two
wises in
many ways too
... the write
isis playing and
moses knows it

what's a dime
on a meter
when a diamond
on a demeter
means weave...
got it made

5:12 plus one




mmmm look
mr.e has a name...

pie dear?

it's the table
"get it?"

ticks de 'lish

"was it good for you?"


"last inspection" yeah!
give us a donut x

busta snicker....

how now
i feel better
in just one pounce
a bite size bag
and just one……..
small ounce
of the four.forty
are you adorea?
or ja’dore
before explore
and before
the right do
was that
just you too
when an ashton
spent for an ash
on me and
can you see
this might be
if it were that a we
became only but(t)
a cup of the sea
and a snicker……!
she said its thicker
than that
what we’ve done
with a two ton hat
and a spatted
“cats eye” guy.

and I don’t give
two shits
if you
understand me
or not
am i too hot?
some say
but mild in spice
so you can too, play
ha! “i don’t bite”
just a nibble...

"thanks for the berger and glasses of wine"
was a great change of time....


"hey bunny"
it was quite fun
pretending to be
sober for a while
but your smile
tells on me.....

and what of god...

yes, that's it.

the deal is...

what the fuck"

ok I accept. :)

"but we gotta do it
my way lol!"


some they twirl
some they grow
some are sticky
… might not but
but wants to know…
“are you a dic”
doesn’t seem so
staring hard about
what mounts a row

glasses on a counter
which amounts
to show
“she doesnt drink”
~but a coffee rothko

“what about some punk”
i think it’s junk
ah crap and oh shit
how we gonna work
when the musics a bit
“soft” she said

you are
a son of a bitch
“say it… female”
call me wench, boy….
and we gotta deal
“it’s a milestone”
“fuck you”
in stereo baby…

“whos got the book”

I do

are you in synco

hey chica
you thinka
i know hear
well i do sir
and a good too
it’s you me
and a me you
in a menu
for a just two

who the fuck
are you?

are you talkin'...
to me?

"... what year is it...."

;)~ear 2 no fears


from the sky

it was just a moment
when I saw it
falling from the sky
it was green and
like a glowing eye
looking back at me

the strange things
we see

the drive to work
last night….
at first light.

true story
"bride of frankleinStein"


strange knights
came to offer gifts
one had books
and another
other shifts
the third gave food
a burger and a fry
“study it” he said
with a weary eye
and what of you
asked a counter
named Sue
staring back at one
and then at two
do you share
of a heart
and what of art
if nothing in the
other is true
“its Rothko”
of who was so…
oh I dunno…..
“what do you want
to do”

was the question
and in pause
I didn’t show
that I also know
the man in black
with a cashmier hat
and a card he calls …
“let go”

“oh god and what now”
do we do
when a girls got part
of a hearts cargo……
“hi honey, i’m home”

quantum wtf???
in a cab of alamode?

do I know you?

… gimme a minute….



for a radio
to be active
rebel a spell
to be selective
and reflect
to detect
a momentum
of observation
call it elation
and be grateful

“she isn’t mean”
but she may be
what weans you
from your woes

go board
chips a set
a grid rhymes
of write minds
“there are shades”
in the grey lines


there are no assumptions
test free of calculations
ashras assurance ...
no ants in the pants
but endurance yes
and a just trust
does know

"press go......"
are you board
or what

how in your mind
the ancient beat
of the ancients rhyme
might sound
it's quite around
a just write
and a just you might
in a bright light earn
the wax of a million
for the what we learn
hear dear is a slight
and quiet sight
and to read the seas
became quite a riot
by what you wrote

personal note
"don't stare at the sun"

I did once......
and it came undone

"..... it's time....."

press return


3.141592653589 = 3.58 = 3.13 i
3.14159265358 = 3.49 = 3.13 H


"so...who's looking at who guise..."


oh Sinbadly

I got your jeans... ;)


ELO honey ;)

"... it's been a minute, yeah..."
just a minute......


the reel deal
may be a steal
he said

“yeah, he’s a mac”

and I’m a ‘she’ see
and not a bit PC
it might just be
a Mr.E if the
price is right
and the writes
on flight…

for a rod
and a really
hot real
and a bond
in a pond
for a dot cometh
and can do it
in a conduit
so come on to it
as the same
in just
the right time

“… my visual says
bright skies and 70 degrees…”

“dont tell her you’re lost
you’ll never live it down”

uhuru! assures Ahura
and with her a map
a blind man and…

“…. you’ll never live it down….”

don’t pay it mind …
is there a problem?

“… we can’t see a thing….”

so point for us!