strange knights
came to offer gifts
one had books
and another
other shifts
the third gave food
a burger and a fry
“study it” he said
with a weary eye
and what of you
asked a counter
named Sue
staring back at one
and then at two
do you share
of a heart
and what of art
if nothing in the
other is true
“its Rothko”
of who was so…
oh I dunno…..
“what do you want
to do”

was the question
and in pause
I didn’t show
that I also know
the man in black
with a cashmier hat
and a card he calls …
“let go”

“oh god and what now”
do we do
when a girls got part
of a hearts cargo……
“hi honey, i’m home”

quantum wtf???
in a cab of alamode?

do I know you?

… gimme a minute….

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