A toll of Nature
or one of man…
Death’s own count
on account of ‘we can’
show out loud
souls taken by hand
in the nameless faces
fall traces of sand
timeless places
now taking their stand

all this
in the name of I AM

to the pace of ‘no end’
in dimensional space
there it sent onto land
what it is … ‘to receive’

what it used to believe
and be
what it was to deceive
four on
the account of Death
only one is to see

“… the name is Isabella
and I have 13 paintings
on my sleeve
if they bare your name
then with me
you must leave … "

All the ears rang
and by one


the b.o.b

beasts of burden
do best with less on
but the lesson is this...
to bare a breast
is to sip softly
of lips lost lust
released in the bliss
of a wish
who found love

"...remember ...we
are of the fires above"

who's got your eggo?



hat makers maker
baked a red cake
and Ptolomy said
no men can fake
what it takes
to be felt

sandras bee
back to see
a call in pursuit
of light years root
and so he greased
Olivia's loot

in silver boots"
the color of green
grew fast in scene
a background static
of all that's been

is the draw of one
a desert rose
on a crystal form
the men of this place
misplaced when born

feathers in a cap
crimson bound
sting of a heart
coincidence found


i look to be found !

the repeated sound of

“this way”
is a round
IT made
to say
was a day
to be peace

this isn’t his way
or hers but they
as a we can be
of a whole

this nature
sure and impure
of what it makes
is what it takes
to be true

perfection is

brew and
the odds are even
when believing
is the seeing
of a means

and then
it comes
into being
what it is
is this

the growing
of a love
and the creation
of a Who

it is to be You

this is what is
to be coming


is your name
a How word?

of the same
have stated
their names
for the sake
of a claim

“no steaks”
in my world
“well came”

no tricks
or games

he pitched
she yawned
and so began
a new day


is a llumin
if all are all humin
and if some are all real
then how
are we human?

it isn’t
in the something
of the one thing
to be found
it’s the nothing
in the one thing
that’s the something
in the sound

to be

heard to be

I could hear
him say How
and in a word
I said now
and in a turn
we said wow

“… it’s you …”

is it true?

within time
of this space
there’s a day
within pace
that a wind
in chase
just knows

it is, this

for us to show


coffee bowl

ever stare
into a bowl of
thick deep dark
steamy solid gold
stimulates us
a mystery
in the mist to
elate us

ti’s time
to find one
feeds the owl

a force of nature


in this place...

the displacement

to cleave stone blocks
one wets dry stalks
intuit in the water
increases the volume
resulting in pressure
splitting the matter

great the magnitude
of knowing this power
a stem forms the base
of a sun inside flowers

absorb in this place
a head in the tales
of time and space

"Mac a dame" Ein...

"welcome to the acadame"
~ Nut


the pass

a walk about
the root of elders
baby cries to be held
daimons follow
making well
what ales the pan
in Dora's spell

psst... she aint sick
and by her will
she marks "pass"
on the heart
of our sole

into the grove
four watched
her grow

evolution sWay

will you join a revolution
drop an R to let evolution
turn you
into Love
you think
it's on its way
and I know it is
hear today
so relax
as it's happening....


a who to how

brush strokes back
strokes of genius
mean for us
to understand
it wasn't rushed
the creation
back in a day
there were seven
and when time began
god created within heaven
where it is we now stand

was the current
within events unfolding
as the space of gods time
came forth to knowing
the sky is a quarter
of squared ever after
and perfection
of a union
is bliss

there unto one
came another
asking this...
"and of what..."
do we hold as truth
when at the stroke
of a night
within pursuit
of a random light
a star appears
to ask in sight
of three blind mice
what it is they think
they can see

then who asked a how
"do we know

s how

a how to go about this...
is what isn't
hard without
plain easy


to hear without doubt
to know of what matters
and to feel without fear

" ... it's all in my mind ..."

I'm afraid to be right
the human kind
is not of mine

in the wind is a song
I can hear tomorrow
I look to the light
hope isn't in sorrow

I don't 'want'
and so go alone
into the storm
for a soul of my own


a line

do play
with ease
when you play
to please these
bare bones


it was money
on the make
to take
what in tone
might seem
to condone


to test this
manifest form
of history

and with
a mystery
it was shown

the heart of a lion
"the eyes are

she weighted

the horizon


are you stripping?

easy mate...@@
just a dial on the shield....