Mustard Seeds?

"...increase our faith!" the apostles said
"...so that we can do what the Jesus did..."

and replied to them in kind, in deed...
"...have faith the size of a mustard seed;..."

and ask, but a Mountain shall move,
and know, that a measure of Love IS
as all things go, living, breathing, and seeing,
the Image of Creation is the beauty in BEing.

"The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed;" Luke 17:20

Know Q:T, it's Here. To be enjoyed;

Atom, musta said something... ;)

20 Being asked by the ;PHer
!Sees when the kingdom of God would come, They answered.

... the size of an Atom, so that if you can't 'find' it, it's always within you anyway...
~Gods 'backup' plan...I think.... ;)

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