Voyage de l'amour

~How many Ways de l'amour...

Heart stands now.Still.
Eyes ablaze with the
knowing no doubt nothing
feared nothing
found and
hear.Still I am.

eYes are fixed on You.

Done the run of chase time
through seeing dreaming
being.Hear.I am standing.
Know more moving to be
soothing of sound known
found around. and I know.
You hear me.

Nothing doubted noted
songs of long and Times
ago standing I am.and
knowing grown is a mind
eYes shine bright between
lines write and hear.I am.

~voyageur de l'amour dans la Maison~


Walker said...

Sail away through mystic memories surfing waves of emotion

SquirrelQueen said...

That is very beautiful, the emotions are so strong.

I made some lemonade, come to my Lemonade Stand and pick up the award I have for you.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Thank you for the Yummy lemonade! I display the award in gratitude and many hugs my friend. :)

Perfectly Twisted said...

Thank you my friend Walker. :) I love your name.and your kind comments.