what is this

what is this tone
staining my ear
making me hear
your green in there
do you really want
what’s in my brain
do you want this tone
that makes me insane
battling with love
perhaps in vane
I didn’t ask for it
I don’t try to hear
don’t be upset
if it’s not your ear
oh wait…
that’s just your fear

No. you can’t bet
the cat can’t dance
I won’t say yet
but I do know Chance

numb you are
if your smile
doesn’t play
too many numbers
spinning your way?
too much
on the end of a stick?
corn is what
this is… a great ‘shhhh .tic’

don’t let me scare you
but you can find the next one
on your own
it’s on your side next time
and it’s a mighty big bone.

good luck ‘friend’.

reflect a detection
oh wait…
that was just a woman
who couldn’t reflect at all
returning to a man
who couldn’t play ball

is what I did
but shamefull
is the crap in YOUR head.

low rent
large vent
for a pack of wolfs

many vain of brains
so I’m spent.

”...good luck
I’m sure it’ll just take another 20 before they figure it out…”

oh wait… are we near 2036 yet?
”...the year in question…”

two rulers short
upon first inspection…

but you don’t count
on your feet huh?

hound dogs danced
horny dogs romanced

and the honeybee asked…
“do you know
what you’re eating?”

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