"hi there"


"are you scared"


"it's okay..."

dear god
i must confess
you're an insanity
under my dress
and I'm not quite sure
I'm the girl for this
... I don't even know you...
and do YOU know
that half the time
I'm a naughty girl too
smoking hot and
dripping untruths
hardly an angel
in a white parachute
I like to drink
on a sunny occasion
and over think
your holy creation
and you must know
that I've never
even read the books
so have you had
a really good look
at who you think
you're speaking to?
There's no church here
just a girl and two
crazy cats who
most of the time
are lazy rats too
Peter said to Paul
I'm sure she's Luke
but the Mary said
if I jump I'll puke
I might have just been
an atheist!

and then I could see
that god sat back
thinking on this
and about my cats

"is it really quite fair"
I could hear him say
to come into life
in a shocking way
from out of a sight
and into a mind
this "know wHere"
might be just to find...

a compassionate stare
he gave me then there
so while I wait
for the contemplate
I think
that I might just take
a moment to myself
and faint.

I'm SURE this isn't real
and if I pinch myself hard
I might just make a
really great deal.

it’s weird like this.

“you know what they think you mean by ‘god’ right?”
yeah, I know what they think I mean ;)

the secret to my success?
there are only three real trigger words
for all of humanity
now I can
rule the world ;)~

get over yourselves
“it’s bigger then all of us”
is called Love.

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