belle Met beasty

upon a time peace
and a time ago
beneath a star
and above a glow
there came a man
who built a house
chambers there
quiets a mouse
in decorative arts
a display of hearts
and secrets...
all align in rows

"beautiful man"
let me kiss
what is inward
of thy hand...

don't bury me
in desert sands
'whilst' tickle I
a laughing land
in sounds of a
summer rain

"fell away Gaston
to come not again"

I ache
for a red sky wept
and upon poor lips
the ancient rifts
whisper awake
what kinfolk kept
between the halls
and upon the cliffs

"... cigar Allen?..." ;)~

let me rockya fella
some paintings high
model in your garden
in my fishnets *sigh*
you can undress me...
in the costumes too
then address me
my pipes in tune...
even if my rags are
a riches too soon
"I'm off shoulder"
in The Fortune
ate truth...

"are we there yet?"
I'm a 'real'


"with a pitcher"

"call me your bitch..."
and be my twisted mister


got a 'purr' in minor
but i happen to know
a cure later then finer...

a Seraph said to heaven
so a moan meant
"find her"

Act 4..............
A lovers earrings
are the slippers
to more....

"Busta Homer"
over rocky shores
Volts here
the bubbles

a basement
what a

"the light
becomes fire"

an opening


"welcome to the castle"

it's a coral floor
a fond of you
'go' 'diva' encore...

"we have
the shock.a.lots"
butter chips

woven in a where
a tapestry sang
Dragon said to dare
where next he rang

so she built a stair
seven squares on high
and steadied there
until he came by

beauty marks
a beast
your rope is why....

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