my friend

" I want to be your friend
for a very long time "

eyes deep in the lie
" I'm here for you "
a gang rushin' to spy
a maze in the mesa
to rhyme in good byes
" secondary objects
falling from the sky "

don't say it
it won't be fare well
" don't threaten me "
or I might just spell
your name
" trigger finger "
welcome to hell
I replied
are the lashes
earned upon
the ashes
of time
" guard in her "

to a bed of mine...

" say the name...."
say it right

and in to visible
there came a Knight...
" the real deal "
he said in flight
a voice of static
undeniable sight
...... all around me
the confusion
a fusion of vision
shared in the motion
of the ground


we're back....
my friend
do you remember?

" you know something "
the image is sound
in seasons found

" don't forget me "
count three
before he left town...

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