"... in how many miles....?"

a gypsum counts
a cave in the mind

firm feet on a mount
is just "on time"

"... I'd not hesitate..."

the Queens chamber
forms an eye of risk
so guise wise to resist
frequent on the wind
since this....

copper is the silvers gold
zincs the zag in a vane
gone old so don't blink
for the lips fly sync
"watch your step"

a limestone links
a cenote
is a glow in pink

"... and you are
fair in height ..."

the lights right
to invite
us in
a muse
on the loose
returns a.gain.

"the delicate glass"
metachi remains
in a state of past
"step back..."

from the daggers
ragged are the
weak of speak

a soft place dares
the robes to protect
what matters

"... every one of them

"happy is a choice"
said Superman...so... let's get it on.... ;)

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