“… what time is it? …”

a heart beat a way
starts in sheets
at play
the he
she can sway
sparks a park
in space someday

“oh my….”
said a me
the gates away
and so by night
they went by day
two naughty a dare

“philly sprinkles”
on a dodge ball dear….

“lights the fire”
ready signs
are square

“rats! … rats! rats!~!”
… are you there?

impressed a digit
so the ’gator
said care

two will of a be
“yes… they do
write to fly
and hear.reach see”

“the who knew”
is one like me
with a slight of mind
and forgets not we

…….. on the way

“what? what what?”

pay me tuesday
and you can drive

cobblestones a job
so he came
to stay

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