copps a robber

"... cops a feel ..."

takes a touch(e)
to know what's real
at the but of a gun
no jokes how fun
loves a bullet
and the point
sure hertz

get a handle
on a brain

"brush strokes..."
a primer

hearts ache
for a finer thrill
benz a mind
up a winding hill

.... it's time to fly

a righteous
for the words
"never dye"

doubles edge
a knife
butter flows
a net and
a sharp ledge

the bitter good
is a just read
a better nut
on a honey

I meander....

and a river runs
a muck "quack"
float there
to return a puck

the hot keys
on a player
in luck....

you cut my heart out...
...from the back of an 'ass'
you cupped a part south
....of a boardroom gone bad
you ripped a fart out
....from under a mill
you wrote for art sake
....on account of my soul

my will to live
is beyond what's gold

just a simple
show of the bold.

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