the bellaware special
valley of 12 nights
and a mention
of sprinkles

moans not
of a lease no
and the waterways
are all ways free.man ;)

happy hollydays

and Yule log it too

the 'hello' philosophy


philo dough
lee.oh… it’s you

dough? you knead sumthin’?

yule know
soon enough
as the kneading is done
and the rise
of delicious begins

pretty hips a rose bud
~ she grins

to be mistaken
with chagrin

a text
to be specific

12 partridges in 4 pear trees
6 song birds swimming
a yule log logging 3 moaning turtles
and ten leaping lords drumming the night away

you party animal you ;)
12th night it is
for my dear
in a dare see
I log a calling
for a morning fall
where cords are beeping
and the drummings all
I can hear….
“let’s play”
my part tickles
and your part sways

swaying particles collide albert logs the movement of time
drum beats are a concern now splitting the atom at cerne
newton the last sorcerer of the elizabethan age
the force is down by a factor of four hearing gailileo knocking at the door
ring ring the song birds begin to sing ebb and flow said hello

the ringleader ...

long ago I was lead by the ring; more quiet now, or maybe more feral. here the window becomes another view; if you can get five fingers through, it’s a gate; otherwise, a door.

et hm…. irresistible is you
and touch is touch(e)
I do adore, I do say
when you write
in this very way and yes
I can give one
to get one
for what’s fun
“old man…”
is a tumble
in the sea
of my eyes
for the fires
do grant me…
your joystick “…thumb war? …”
to see who lyssps

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