the elite

12 characters as an inch
4.7 as a scent.ti.meet.her…
88.8) constellations later….
704 god became a writer
we now call Creator
and of type … ing ….
is of a type “being”
as in
in the beginning, there is

thank you very much.

in the begining there was binary
then numbers of usury
case sensitive creators
search like intergalictic traders
across a dune of numbers
in the desert of after hour slumbers
beings typed into constellations
planck`s constant becomes variable
the frequency of waves elite radians
reduced in value by the principle of uncetainty
so in the begining there was binary
in the beginning… there is
do.me.a. hi Q
and make it a poem
enter galatic creators
dessert of the after hours
plans for a constellation
frequency waves of elation
values of certain equation
reduction of product inflation
within the beginnings base
binary is a cherry of space

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