ho ho ho!

inspires me
the obvious news
of our century
and google knew
the yahoo too
ding bots

what really
knots true…

the Jolly Green
once thought to be
a Sprout of pea
can now be seen
wearing shades
of the Aspen…

in raspberry beds
colored for reds
the Scout my dear
has a nose no fear
type of glow

search to sea
in a can of seen
all the rows golden
where might have been
quite lean

has a lantern
and by his hand
turns on a machine

been raining for days
but the shoppers
don’t know
what it means

and alone….
a ranger chooses
to do the stranger

returning a nibble
on a nipple, ring

“… yo, ho ho who? ;)…”

I sure hope it’s the ‘Dough’… ‘boys’

Jolly Green Giant
takes on Santa
.... meanwhile
science looks to understand the universe
in a spec of bleu cheese....
near the mine
they find the dough
just in time
so we can know
"... ranch ..."
is a better dressing ;)

My $1 on
A. Fermi

and oh, but you “dizzy girl”… why a fermi.tive?

why not I say… they conCERN with guessing…otherwise

Q on stickhead… bubblegum cheek … she scans the table….
we’re playing the “god part…” right?
it’s a wicked bank shot….

let’s chalk….

'dough' ... aka 'mass'
oh! what now, will the pope call all the crackers?!

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