"that dog is wearing my skin...."
"that cat looks like my twin...."

“it’s raining….”


the quickening
it came
and we’re all
and we’re all
in the sane

a cat made
a dog came
the attic’s clean
the sun is one
and of three
the one we
can’t just see
is but in toe…
not long to go

“the fire works”

and we’re all in
for a red sky
a feather
in the cap
is better
than one
in the eyes
“I can see it…”

tic tac said a toe
the kitty cat
put a ‘place’
on the ‘knows’
a location
location and
a twin in it
to mention

it’s the e’in time
this dog’s cat
just made
god rhyme…

"the garage"

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