my kung fu

“… and in the dream my friend
two foot prints fell to the sand
showing how I carried
what you couldn’t stand …”

and then I said…

“… yes honey and please…
don’t break the rice paper …”

hopping grass dragons fly into the sky
cane liked it sweet rice cakes on his feet
venus and mars like to fast cars
as the oil became scarse
ying blamed yang and cain killed able
pan played his flute while sitting at the table

so dramatic
rats! a dog star
calls to blame able
formidable cable in cars…
scars are fast healing sitting
coco on the bella
is a rightly sweet fella
“looks up, trice even”

flute player… indeed ;)
ring on my thumb

scar tissue is always an issue
ho hum bella drum coco pops
rat pack rat race rodent place
able calls sirus twice as nice
the thrice of spice sits on the price
evens and odds is the laws of sods
earth goddes gaia set pan on fire

koko pelli mana
consortas not us
dessert robber fly
thrice is a great band
evens are odds
where you stand

“… dont take me so
SiriuSly …”

serious spice like mana from heaven curiously cinnamon

the fire works…

"... a slow wind
penetrates the mind ..."

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