it’s come
time now
as the loofah
sponge bob
said it best…”

you put your right foot in…
input your sight four out
you put your left foot in
and you shake until you shout

you’re due the okay do.key
and it turns your Self around…
that’s why it’s all about!

tip the cuppa…

picture this wise Sith
“we are mistaken”
so I knew you
were Jedi
in guise
and it threw me
what I saw in lies
a pressure on focus
pinpoints in the eye

“do you fold?”
the skeleton!
is really ….
a jelly
fishnet stocking
and you
thought ‘he’
was walkin’ ;)

“it musta been god
who made hose…”


what about those ?

the remote
who controls
might know

in my mind

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