"What's in a Name..."

Are they all the same when assigned a Soul?
From the core of me stored in the heart you see
is a Name... I remember over and over again.

My minds eYes won't let go and knew it was true.
"A Rose by any other Name... wouldn't be You."

As brilliance is a Miracle so are each unique and
Love commands nothing if not a stake of heart.
Nature's undeniable pattern of a long known art.

It's Attraction. Rhythmic laws of passion vibrate
strings and the sounds ring in air. Chemistry
bonding Souls in pair and Life. Begins...

with "Who's in a Name..."
if not mystary.

1 Long Dizzy Storm. Indeed;


willow said...

Nice poetry. Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor.

Chic Files said...

Hi. You have absolutely great potential here. Ever considered publishing this into book form? Let me know how I can help.

Publishing Consultant

Perfectly Twisted said...

Gianna and Willow, you're both very kind, thank you for stopping by :) I've visited your blogs also and look forward to reading more!

Gianna said...

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