I Become Sure

Shaking here in the egg
just a crack of sunlight
noise unknown as fright
then a sound deafening
thunder booms and off
came the top of my dome.

Rushing crushing air
Pouring over edges to
get in filling my lungs my
life began while I drown
beams burning through
my eyes open and blind
then again a sound.

My legs expand I'm up
in the wind the cold of
reality brushes my skin
lungs are aching as the
bile defies gravity and
my guts spew out air
fills the cavity ...
and I breathe

Life forcing its way into
me and I breathe not
sure I want to begin but
the air is undeniable my
wings spread and the
colors palpable I can
taste vision warm on
my lips and I become
sure. I can fly.

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