How many times have I written your name
And How many faces do you appear in
Promises made from a smoky flame
Promising eYes.you see me.Again.
Yesterday came and then it went
Today we near the Winds indent
Intent to sway the Continuum
Measuring of the Many to One
E.Racing fear.for the Fun.
~(; Who’sWord? Are we in?

A Race of Measure
Time of In.clued

;Dance the Indian say

We Are All.Hear to play.
Treasure A.Sure Creation
Love the land & grow a Nation
Come the Day and Pure Elation
ReSOLution finds equation…

Math.e.magic.All …
Indeed a Pen do call.
A Path I choose to need.

Avenue to PeAce
A Venue... T'each

! eYES ! She read The;Prhymer.

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