Oh George....

George O'l boy, what DO you say?
Great day for an old game today?
Washings done and the chores are too,
So shall we have a play, for what's true?

"I like your shiny clean apron..."
"I like your shiny red car..."
"Shall I drive the rug dear, to a star"?
"Take the short road, the Long one's far..."

"It's technically a pigeon not a hen"
"It's technically a now knot then"
"Know, it's technically a girl at bat, with a Pen."
"And that's technically, players, 10."

So let me ask you... how many types of
people ARE there in this world...?

It doesn't matter, we all know binary...

Know? Well, then in decimal we'll go.
It's all the same on stage and in show,
One actor there in many sets of clothes.

"...and swhich one are two..."

Oh Yeah...
*I* am on this side of the lens... . ;)


Mary Anne Gruen said...

There are so many things I like about this. The beginning and the end are my favorite parts. But on second reading there seems to be so much in the middle. I love it!

Perfectly Twisted said...

Mary Anne, it's always a delight to see your 'reactions' to my poems. :) Thank you always, for that. Hugs you dear.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Happy Harvest Moon love.