Funny honey and so I say come.in.d;an this way....
Took the words from in a tomb, arranged the order
and removed the doom. Turned the pages of his.story
and put some women into play. Analyse, angle the
eYes! ponder life and pretend to be wise and that's Write.
Pro.Found a message in there. Said a circle was also
a square and that it spun... like a web it was just fun
and I watched as it came undone. Smiled a while as the
colors began. Then I chased the bubbles of art in Time
and learned a song that came in rhyme.

Funny angles come.in.dian geometrically medium in
a weeble of a wobbular motion and when I saw that...
I removed the explosion as the poison just isn't good.
The Pen agreed and we understood that a change of
ink was needed. Took out the felt & refit a belt just,
and in case. No one ever said we couldn't change pace
and it made sense as "Nature doesn't waste"...

Looking inside with eyes quite wide I had to pause.
There came a place with no Santa in the Cause and
I paused. Children play and imagine days of plum
filled things and goodly ways so how can it be if this
be true? It was question.able SO I changed the crew.
Left the bridge a Number One and aWay I flew...

I seek the Monk I asked the Know. I hear a song I
need to grow. Departure near it's knot my way but
a Vision needs repair this day... "Four, the innocent"
came to sea and breathing the Winds they grew a
Tree. "Look to hear.Comedian...use all the noodles
not just the 10..." And after the ride, well.come.inside
the honey.com;b is full of bee.lives!

"H;Two Os"

(13)bin. 1101 .......... 11001 = Oct. 31, Dec. 25
(11)bin. 1011 .......... 10011 = Oct. 23, Dec. 19
24. 11000 = Oct.30, Dec. 24

"takes a geek"
Show! does....

;p~ oh yes, I smell the roses love...

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