Dr. Livingstone...

"... it's kinkstone, I presume..."

Alice pondered
what about the why
she'd come falling
into a place
from times before
shrinking to think
just to grow some more...

"... it's the hat on the cat ..."

she was sure like that
and all the times before
but couldn't remember
just how she knew

"... rabbit said it's late ..."

is it this to be a date
and if why is a question
so then what is fate
and if this is to be
what it is to be late
then why is rabbit
even rushing to see

"... about destiny
and what of the King ..."

as approaching a moat
Alice hears the calling
standing on heads
unjustly boggling

"...eYes wide..."

she began toggling
a shifting of feet
righting into light
the timely beats
inching to be left
but then in a rift...
she stopped
at the white of his eyes

"... clear form ..."

it's the same
impossible thing

"... it's been read
Queens a wonder
why the white
Queens thunder
came in the guise
of a head..."

something about a raven
who's seen been savin'
some time as he shifted
"she shifted" the eyes
"and the guise"
to be lifted....

"... it isn't really bad for you
if you've been listening..."
said absolem...

"you're so much... muchier"

I had to shift
your vision to be sure...

"I still like your bracelet"
still licking it you mean? ;)~

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