I'll Call

"...where are we going mommy..."


Through crowded streets past fish and feet
Around the hen picked up near men
Under the awning and around the fruit
Past the begging blind man's suit we went.

"... Doctor..." she whispered.

And set me down my feet to the ground
Then all I could see were shoes.
Mommy has boots but the doctor has none.
Just ten dirty toes shine through the sun...

"... please..." she whispered.

Picked up again and away to the dark.
On a rooms cold floor that smelled of bark
I was set to sit down. But my head hit ground.

"... do they know I'm here..."

The light angled back and shrank to small
as two knees moved the shadowy wall...

I looked on and heard.
"... I'll call..."


nanda said...

niiice! dint know u write poems and sketch too!!!

(but again.. i didn't get the last few lines!)

Perfectly Twisted said...

Yes! I write poems and I didn't know I sketched either! They started just a couple of days ago.

It might be you don't get them because it's part of a story of all these poems... no worries, it's not you. :) My writing is confusing, but I do hope you enjoyed. It's good to see you here. Thank you and tons of smiles.