Secret Garden

Behind the gate my garden grows
where it hides can be only known
to those, who choose the finding.
Release of mind leads to mending
in the fence near the walls ending
can be found a key to be true.

I share this with you, be.Cause it's
knot the way there, is a clause in
the finding, is a path narrow and
winding vines grow slow and low
to the ground around trees of such
size. Memorize the way, know the
sounds and clear your eYes...

Enter tHere near the new bee hives
know, they'll make know noise of air so
listen in heart and care as you dare
approach the Way.

NewSeoL grows Here in the Day.
And lightly steps through quiet tones
Make the budding bushes shine and
in the beams of sun that appear, is a
Stone written from aGo, in rhyme.

Feel too for the sound of ChiMes
in the wind they'll scent the path.
Go below and beyond the glass, of
Time, be.Cause there is motion from
know motion in the Mind there.
Hear is the way, to the Garden.

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