nations gap

what in the nations and
where have all the people gone

“… maybe they’ll see
it’s a shit hole and fix it …”

here’s the issue
that’s the issue
you’re the issue

be specific.

knot the understanding
to say of commanding
states of demand
fate the hand
upon a land
as a bat
can be

" maybe they’ll see? "
better hope if they do
better is the best fit
observation brews
because the truth…
goes like this

what’s shit is shit
and what’s in it
is shitty too
so where in
the world
are you
to be
if a we
saw they
being this way
knotting ability
of better liberties
trying to continue and
try not to interfere with
what’s there in play

you might be in
a shittier way

" it’s a jungle in there "
bare and dry without care
when the wood chips fall
and you know that’s all
there will ever be…

so untie your shoes
to be the swim
in " see "
take a dip
in the upper lip
and make strokes
a striking key!
do more
than you think
you can be

is the easy part of
… we are we …
the people hear
and we care

be a sport
" hand over the games "

be part of whats fit
forward motions for it
as if we don’t
and damage
this “shit”
it won’t
how much
farther better
is to be as the planet
can't afford compassion
for those who break the ’ship

" today is it "


Bill Robertson said...

very cool..! I love it

IzzyGumbo said...

thank you :) me too.