"move it..."

... the moon ...

waves waves
move it move it
pulsing beating
constant being
" pistons "listen
move it too but
this is mention
less than so ons
more then none
so cause to be on
core is one…
velvet kissin’
neons liquid
lucent ‘swhich’
is on….

“madatgascars” ?
;) me too

so move it move it
race is on and
on to score
the do of doing
some of knowing
saying playing
touring showing
ways of days
to be alluring
hoping beats of
glisten pour on

" the VLT "
liquids more than
tricks of boring
snoring toying
say for tuning
tweaking peaks
of silver lining
finding fine in
blinding lines
shake in quake
of taking leaps
make for sake
a lack of sleep
and jumping

of the bumps
later on…
“back it up some”

it’s what’s in store
tracking shore
a cinch adore
on " seeing "

~ the moon ~

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