Know Vertigo Hear

Confucius was confusing
speaking of tones in long
ago bones found in a stone
carving of sorts. A King
with legs too short playing
hot!kee indeed.

Hold my sky.the Scribe isn't falling....

It's Just, as described the Kitten
purrs calling eYes that are gleaming
in the Knight the light is beaming.

Speaking OSsilly.ations
about a pyramid and a
notion of motion reaching
for truth. Sitting on a
throne not really knowing
what to look for?

Hammers, Anvils that Stirrup Two....
They say CinderFella wears a glass shoe.
Care.the mirror doesn't smear the glue.

I can read a.head.board.too.

Lefty found a Foot.Note
Balancing act.on a Book
and took it. Seriously.

Strange thing art.ee.facts
They sing when ping.ing
Especially so when reading
The sWing. Reaper said
ree.pare. and we are dear.

C.me near the Mall.Sue?
Hear us call.in your bones?
HOT is a spot on The One
and a flare in the air is a tOne.
reeds the same.spinning alone
aligns with a Lion a dog and

..."O0oWas this your toy?"
It's The Twi.light.O.z.O.ne

:)~ Now we're plaYing....
Know Vertigo Hear.

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