Morning darling, did you say don't squeeze?
Please, never was that ever the word in mind
Charmin was the king of that rhyme, Me Sir,
say seize the day! Squeeze me honey, let's play.

Delightful knot a bit frightful except in naughty
ways there's innocent play to make the heart
sway... "This Way..."

Entrancing, dancing, romancing a stone, even.
Believing, weaving, breathing, in Time Light
Seeing. Being and becoming honey, it's right.

Entrance. Charming darling, such a variable
Character you are! Actor extra.O.in there!
Now, will you get on to the squeezing...

~cHi.rM! You a.way.kin?
~hiram~ piff... that was just too easy. ;)

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