Who's on First

Sebastian said Dim Whitty,
So as to make this funny
I asked the coach and said
"Honey...Who's on First?"

Coach said eYes!
And I got that part. Write.

Costillo asked for the bat
Said he loved the game so
Coach gave him That.

Confused as can be, he swung
it round almost hitting me!
But missed he did when he
hit his own head and said...
that he still couldn't see.

Man wears a bowlers cap.

Who drops the ball so the
runner goes two seconds and
then to thirds. I don't know,
that's just what I heard as
I skirted around to base 3.

“Run Forrest, Today is
catching me!” I heard the
ball cry as it flew on by, hit
by the Bat to be Cause!

I Don't Care said I Don't Know
and so, the game was ended.
Short Stop got an attitude.

..... but I like the game .....
I said to Coach, rename them
in the field. I'll take that bat
and his hard felt hat and we'll
see what a girl can yield.

Who's on first
sWhich two seconds and
Where is replaced with 3?
Lefty's out in a field and Why?

Be Cause, the center is Hers
I said, How, Tomorrow can't
throw and Today knows nothing,
it's beyond my comprehension.

New Batter is up and Again I
mention... It's time to play.

with a team called woman

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Sunflower Ranch said...

Wow Izzy!! Love it!! You've got a lot of my favorite things in there -- baseball/softball, Abbott & Costello -- and good old fashioned empowering inspiration for women!! Thanks for the morale boost this morning. I can tell it's going to be a great day!! :D