~ can I help you?

"... I'm looking for
a good fire..."

~ do you require
a crackle in one?

it dawned on
the DongKey
that a hotkey
was a tease
who pleased
a long time love ago
and she
"...loves a long time..."
but only when
time is right
and you'll know

~ tugs a bow

what color of light
asked the merchant
giving his mule a stare
she wasn't quite sure
how his mullet
was to fair
near the kind
of fire that she
has to ware

his request was
... difficult
so she became
in sync to think
in the thick of it
a quick assault
on the fabric
he was in and
the assessment
returned as

he had a rub
in his eyes real thin
is what she saw...

~ please do
come again
was all she'd say

"... drop n' strip
my collars red!...."

she obliges night
and did where he lead
describing it right
yet not giving in
to his need...
~ I have much to do
and I'll be back to you
in a while indeed

it's time we leave!
the merchant is busy
with much to weave!"

his pride untied
she could see it
hair undone
with it's
color unfit
for that knight
nothing more
she could do
for in this
was a knot to be
in a naughty time...
~ he'll come to see

"knygt erraunte"

she could hear
him say as he
and his donkey
made way...

"... green..."
she scribbles
for an order
of thread

one thousand and one
for the embers bed...
he wants a girdle
the color of red...
and a rope to pull
his mule...
a tassel for his teir
by the time of Yule...

~ The Merchant
made a note of it here
shes ahead of the game
~ and he returns a year

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