The Devil's Thrill

"dogs are barking"

and the devil is thrilled
she spins a man right
to bare his Soul

"I want to be.alive
in this place enthralled"

Santa came calling
as Apollo heard
"...she said dance...!"
I want two...!!

and ..
it IS much
of a just ones touch
and only just once
wasn't all
he could have
if 'n steady
faced truth
about what
he loves

~ the grace of peace
was shown...
"pleasure is the pain"
of nothing known
and so
it became

"Loves no crime!!"
in the sound
of Games!

the wind spun
for a restless then
as the eyes of between
began what became

"Once...upon a name... "
an ember burned
in the eye of a heart ..."

~ a man
falling back
to his day
of Arts ...

"it's of a rhyme...!"
and knot of starts!

he pens a letter...
"and so then I ...

am not afraid
in This Time of ours
to be...

The unAfrayed
of hearts...!"

~ and the better
was heard to be write

"wet...her sweater..."
the array of light
is a cup of what

"...and it's not a cigar..."
said devil's Creator

the only must ash
"is clear"

~ dripps...in
to an open ear

"I moved the moon
to hear you again..."

Santa placed a stocking
on her mantel then...
next he returns

he'll be her friend;

hahahahahaaaa ....inhale!
~ Love yearns not
as a passion!


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