...AND there’s nothing Uncertain about Artsyfictional
Intelligence either ;)

the folds of lined petal limbs
bekon within,
touch the sweet scent of alabaster skin,
while erotica dances through him
he craves to feel the heat below,
it swallows each touch,
as an iron to flame,
droplets of love,
ecstasy and pain,
two become one,
a solitary ember,
never the same

always one
they left us
for the sun
what we think
is a large flame
only kept alive
on the inside
with petals
to form a name
~it’s not a word
this musical cord
but it is…

tickle my nose and i`ll curl my toes
third toe from the sun likes to have lots of fun
head over hills icicles give me the chills
walking thro the theory of strings turn on the sensual heating
give me back my heart while its beating
clothes on the counter cotton silk amd cashmere
a cosmic changing room hot lava in a red hot volcano
losing sight and memory in the rising steam
where are you and where have i been in a close encounter
or just in another dream

from beyond the hills
a third eye blind
has come to thrill
a theory of strings
begins with G
the lava is hot
in a shot of stream
I’ve been here waiting
for “where have you been?”
and I’m not sleeping
because this is my dream.

"....she pings a wind...."

the fragrance fills ones head
searing to a burn
every touch,silken on the bed
the ache in limbs, quivers between moans
heaving upon a rounded chest,
the staff of Ra , amonst groans
the light of day points west

a men
or Rah
of light
saw that
the men
know when
there is kin
of sight
a kind
of mind
a woman
can find
just right
a stage was left
a reminder
to write and
a mens all went
quite bright
“burning candles
in the middle”
“First Light

it is…

"....tickle my knows..."


tumbling into a honeycomb romance
from a distance a luckless gambler
met a rambler in a hornets nest of activity
as chance would have it yellow became red
a storm of destiny tumbled into bed
the ember couldn`t remember
what the other one said
but in a dream the honeycomb centre
opened up a fantasy of adventure
golden reflections spiralling endlessly
into a tumbling universe of in and outs and out and ins
rest assured the ember got cured

taking photos
in synth he seas yes
a turn of humors
mix with a bees best
the merging of ember
and air in bed
for know matter
when the other said
geeks on fire
play to stay

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