lips me gent la

in a color
swifter than gentle
means of a mens
went mental
as blood flows
are "ment"
to be menstrual
"...it ain't write..."
a plate of dates
in a state of fright
gather round
for a wolf says right!
"....it ain't flight..."
or instrumental
if a wired one tumbles
on a strudeling vent!

a menu stalled
so a benz
came calling
seconds glance
is a night of falling
the up be amens
"... insanely lit..."
so commit
to a sight worth seeing
tales a flutter in
the colors of being
and the honey
of a butter
is quite

the nut
of a better kind

"...are you dora?..."
she harks!
an explorer
the serif
of a
"... in sane..."

gentle man
intent a hand
pleased a read
and sees
that a thesis
are in the pages
of her thisis

;) x

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