sin and taxes ... Xposes

words play
so let’s do…
and come what may
you can read as you choose
for the reasons I write this way

is it a sin
or a show of how
iterating alterations
condition what we know ?

glamorous grammars
govern composition
as puns of punctuation
splinter writes meaning

" and the pair annoyed ? "
are just your eyes talking

Syntax is molasses
the reason for madness
in minds designed as wind

body begins somewhere
between the spheres
of equilibrium
" and tension "
are the efforts
to keep us within
the matrix of a skin

an arrangement
of the order
we live in

" a carbon d; "
becomes the suit driving
what most of the time lies
in the lining of skies

myopic clouds of chi
nearing the sight
of a distant see
say " don’t worry "

fortnights made for flying
and what supposes
doesn’t always ‘know’
who the lion’s eyes are
or where " In the stars "
they could be ;)

‘yes’ please….
return a round
for the rest to read


the freedom to write
without worry of what
‘you’ might think you read
LOL… the way I can ‘be’

what is control…
over mind
not words as said
but rather as read
in minds afraid to fly

" know net "
and hands free

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