"you called?"

Mr. Levitt.a.kiss…

Copans whit is with you and if this
is a for profit truth
a book of number
would be a stew

he called to be sure
“And he called …”

strange tongue
dragon’s blood is pure
exodus was a must he said
“… a fussy tour at best …”
she replied

and smokin’ on a cigar
Moses posed to
ponder why

in a way he thought
how reds the sea
if by night the sky…
and then he paused
and wandering by
the burning of a bush
just caught his eye

" does the story
really go this way "

the question it cried
and looking at his toes
he thought if he lied…

then hark by two
there came an ark
angel wings
a decent spark
momentum brings
into view a park
shadow of lights
“there is no dark”
day is to come in
this way

"... to infinity... "
and then it was gone

Art.of a heart.makeSway.the next part

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