a book of Valen's time....

the bindings find
content divine
“a fan for me”
and of ‘mine’
the write
of his pen
points then
to a lion’s heart
“spades part” undone
…. “turn it on” ….
and then there came
a light sound
from the sun
as god’s first words
were “one on one”
primevol lust
becomes the fun….
evolutionary solutions
might be what some
of the past in cross
have called at best
a sin of bliss
but of this
I know
Chronicles show

" what the real
 story is
….so enjoy"

Santa’s bag of toys…
the ‘fig’ leaf
a naughty .gif
and a gift
of adam’s apple
eve straddles a man
and in time
games did begin

the good gods came
again and again

“life on earth just wouldn’t be the same…”
without this sort the Lovers play
so pick a card
in a passionate way
light was created
this very day

" Augustus, flavors us "
a spicy tale…

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