ping! and a small dragon...

" frank " he said, she’s been
much to do about everything
serves with an unreserved
type of grin this woman….
Mulan put on her rouge

" it’s Rogue " she said

and Roland rolled
for the sounds she made
elders unaware of where she lay
the undeniable disguise of one man

" I appear to a peer " he said then
and almost as if in unison
moonshine slowly began
streaming in a window
there came his hand…

" do you know where I’ve been "

in the palace of aladdin
a noble sort of assorted paladin
sing songs of assorted lands
where in a play they came
for the taste of a dragon

" scripts a strange band"
what claims of desert sounds
back from the time light found
writings of a type who hid names….

" a mystery indeed " she’s the same
and ‘blank’ is the check she seeks
Joker smiles in the guise of ‘chic’
as she ‘thanks’ for the rank
of " I swam!"

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