Xploit the machine

a plot to pay for the keeping
of our work in the way of being
the statements of play worth making
these wish are for the well of its kind
and so to find what’s write within it

critics amass
a critical time at last
urgent the matter of hand
slight a light shining through
as the answer to everything
is don’t waste what can
change who is ‘merry’
for under a tree
are the roots
of what we
a first time
notion of
can be
what is really wanted
undercurrents are free
the seeds of unseen

‘who’ sat but elite
tuned in to complete
sounds of surround
and in the unison
they sang as one

Dragon turns toward the sun
curves to undo the undone
returns to recover a round
motion of a nation's mind
what can be real if you feel
for the wind …

a path of irregular chorus
" sees through to the core "
it's where we've been

but 'no' blockages a head
as ‘the know’ has ground

" you betcha, I am
one of the cogs in hear "

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