invisible something

man walks through a board room door looks around and decides while this would be considered a ‘totally fab’ existence to most it no longer seemed worthy of the vast fortunes earned somewhere back in time when he, a lone traveler collected where his heart called “mine” these things all the ready made while sublime were still of simple in sort to his mind

preciously beautiful the delicate lips of those there until a shocking wave taught the otherwise childlike eyes where precious might be too, sometimes lie beasts in bosom bare and so it was as the mother shared in this world created by the man in the board room door

he sought to seek more and in so doing took fortunes time thinking wandering around the land wondering what if any in the things he could sew might change how his day became what he “used” to know rather than what he could do and so this began the true journey of his soul

looking down he saw his feet dressed in socks ripe in weep from travels far and resting then in a concrete jar he slept alone on a hard ground quietly crying to the lone sound of his heart
which fell apart the moment he saw who he did in the dim light of time

“prestidigitator…” was the start of a rhyme he’d know knots until all signs come to show that overly comfortable conditions do make for senses lessened whits loosened in dimensions hastened as a smile and a really great grilled cheese became a most popular item invisible as it is to most on a menu far far yet not at all really far away.

“some things out to hear” began the great day and so his story’s to continue

“what can I say”
she wrote

say cheese,smiles across the board room
a velvet gold mine inside and outside of momentary time
tesla cioled a spring,so energy began to sing
density fluctuated einstien calculated
distance and percetion shift walikng on air
in between time far away closer than here

“elvis” is it true
what tests love to flex a must
is the difference between
who albert’s lust
gravitates to
while a spring is sprung
is the moments time
a sin of smiles
in a den of rhyme

gentle on my mind like early morning rain
in the mist of the morning alaho what do ya knowa
with heels on wheels there`s a brand new horizon
stepping out of time is not always fine
but its such an easy question when suspicion becomes superstition
and someone is always on your mind

gentleman’s mind is a must of the kind
early morning rain my heart explains is of type mine
heels indeed make squeal to the horizon where eyes on
mean stepping out of time is the way to rhyme where a superb in tuition
becomes what suss is a picken as ‘knows’

suss is a lot of fuss for the knows that blows
picking up stitches where time leaves itches
the nose just like the toes tip toes along with and crows
stones the mind just like a weed of some kind

sitchin never flinched as a pinch
made cinch of his soul
a desire for time
count stones
of bold
and the eat of crow
might be delicious
after all

ice scream of crow said the doc at the radar station
the past sure is tense across a desert of martain dust
tents of the past get blown in the solar wind
light reflected off the oceans of the moon
as mathematics flowed into ink
unconditionally guaranteed a pinch is a sinch
like a kiss is to bliss

and there the eyes dream of a kiss
where bliss quenches the desert a rose
think tinkers on the brink of intense
as a pinch in the bath promises path
is the best way to make play as ‘we’

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