Have I Mentioned... on birthdays

" we are hear... "
and we are

and now on birth days...

people get too hung up on this way the other way, who’s day is it anyway, when it is, after all, ours…

other than privately, I don’t jump around asking for attention or cake or presents… never have.one...

birthday are but a way, into the stars and letting go of ego, one might see the other side of galaxy.

most see the ‘day they came out’…
and some see the ‘day they began’
months before, the form of their hand, even

I wasn't born on a date
it was picked for me
because I came
from a country
where it was just
a part of earth’s floor
the nothing
was a hospital door
and nothing
recorded as me before

so I accept it.

I embrace it
and keep my age
where history left it
moving freely
about this life

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