"" bored? no...""

the sixth penned as

" do it "

the act of pretense?

eve says to adam
" do that thing
with no sequence "

he pauses
like there's...
something tense

" you don't like it "

what, the dark under sides? what?

" on your tombstone, they're gonna say you died...
of pussy ... "

I can never understand you as Lucy, you know that...

She, paused to think now...
"Ricky" she says,
"I'm randy...Or maybe you can call me, just this once, the candy, man..."

He doesn't understand but stares anyway

"Well? What the hell, Jack?  ... I'm wet.."

I'll bet, she's wet... So, what works for you?

" let's go all the way... we can make a better day..."
she replies

it wasn't in the play she put on
or the scent of her song, rather...
he waited to see if it might be
in the way she believes....

she wonders if he heard her name
.... " I'm the garden, moron "

then, sorry she went on...
"do you want to trade it in?" she asks

no, ... no, I'd like to begin, he says

and then she grinned.
" yeah? So give me your tongue..."

it was there, where, they were never seen

in the lives we live...

God just watches, laughs and rubs His hands...

"" I knew I made them,
for a reason... ""

it's simple...
this creation

"" mama... what's the season? ""
it's hot baby... you wanna drink?
and then She winked...

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