head to head

in a game
yet not
of shame
a spiral board
a throw of dice
protection comes
in a form of ice
'under the world'
a counter waits
and a matter
of identity

" lord of love "

it is the eye
judge the dead
and in the sky
awaits the sun

" I am guide "
for you
who comes
and in my guise
I am the one
who calls

" the patient"
are of others
who over time
shall fall

" what colors
your skin "
is the color
of my

" it is
 your spin... "


thewillwillwill said...

Hi Issy,

I just saw that you were on my Blog and left some comments. It seems we are on the same page, with numbers, calendars and geometry on the brain..

IzzyGumbo said...

we are will... thank you for your comment and for finding me too. :) I'd love any insights you have, if you have time to read my other blog and I will read you also, if you write more.