The Fours

Daze gone by and things forgotten.
Bees gone! And the corn is rotting....

And then one day... as if to say...
A Chance came by,
from the Cornman's Way.

The young One too, at 22, sat with Me.
And in my yard not far apart,
We sat together,
And Together were Three.

"Notice Time, it's five til nine...
1.55 and we're still alive...

I like your shiny red car.
Glows just right, near
The moon's full light.
Much, like a shiny red star..."

As to not tempt fate,
Our visit was Great...
But it's time you two should go.
Not to be rude, but I hesitate,
So I ask you to exit,
By way of the gate.

Oh my O Me, and how I awoke,
Not sure if living or dead.
Confusion was there
and thin was the air,
A humming was loud in my head.

Which day is This?
And which Tomorrow?
Switched Wayz they did,
Or was that borrow?
Fear and panic all around...
The letters spun, mixing
Color with sound!

And then I saw, His card at hand.
And saw the Chance, to begin again.
I'm grateful, and I understand.

Mother said,
Kitten, go close the door...
Your time with Them,
Should be know more.

And then I remembered,
About the Fours…

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