Don't Know

In Peace I don't Know...
Who I am.
In Trust I don't know...
What to do.
In Wonder...
I don't know the Me
That I see through the You.
But I know Love in my Heart.
It's the Us in Our part,
And it moves me to see
This amazing Life through...
The eyes of Many,
Some dark and some blue.
All are Here and all are True.
So what I see...
Are through the eyes of You.
Seeing through Me...
In my heart is a tree ah,
The beauty, the sea.
Touch the air,
Hear the bee...to
Feel the drums.
Warm in our hands,
A cup of Life's tea.
Soft feet in the sand,
In the sun we'll stand.
Please... take my hand,
as we color this land.
In Bliss I don't know...
Who are you We....
...in this Love that I Am.

~A poem by Storm

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