Mother Ship...

The Great Sound chimes do you hear?
Mother Ship and her tone in the air?
Journey complete to aWare, the masses
of Time overlap us and for the
listening billowing seasons upon us.

Systems automation set triggers in
place to activation for and if a
certain situation should arise.Eyes
can see the systems free and the
lights that flicker carry the bees
into sight.

Learn to ride your own lights, in the
message Nature corrects for a passage
and it's already happening hear...

The Mother.Ships.Tone in the Air.
Called Imagination this time, be.aware.
Grow it for your health and be well.

CRaaaCKl!!!ng thunder as the sky let go,
X.Calibrate to know a Mighty Sword flows
MoreIsCode and Love it says.each to other.
Confirmed in the binary explained the Hex
of the Decimal. In Number. There is...

A tune in the Thunder and it grows
the Great Sound pulls a spiraling ribbon
To undone, AND pattern seen long ago
Before the destruction of a pure

~Activated Automation of the In.Sane~
It's the only Beam.
All. Systems. Know.
;PeAce.It's the Way.Learn to MAKE it...

On. To the CornerStone.
New algorithm, new song.


Chris said...

Yes, I like your style of writting ! You have awesome way to describe things. Keep up the great poetry !

Perfectly Twisted said...

Thank you so much!! I've been enjoying your writing also my friend, I see you there at OP :) Are you at the Soup too? If not, join us there sometime.
it's a great community also.

Perfectly Twisted said...
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