A nonsensical, romantical made up word they said.

Umbrella to ground the Lady comes down to check.
The handy Voice....

super she said,
a laugh.ing ragalia!
on her head.list of
icepixals, crystals
and dos! gosh! but
hush ... what does
SHE know. She
drives an umbrella...anyway...

I guess you could say
they're nice pix.alls, all
the same.

Regalia is Latin plurale tantum for
the privileges and the insignia characteristic of a
Sovereign. ;)

... either that or it means
Super.Gal.leo.has gone in.sane.again...
with her gal.i.Legos...

Let's go with Regalia ...
it would make for a better tale where a girl
might get a prince if a frog doesn't eat her leggs off first. :)
~ Just a joke of course.

~ She's got Legos. ... get it?

~The Cheshire Clock woke up~
The Duck.

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